LRT Council

The Council is the highest governing institution of LRT. The Council supervises the implementation of the LRT mission, approves the annual income and spending by LRT administration.

The Council, comprises twelve members prominent in social, scientific and cultural fields, appointed for six-year terms. Four members are appointed by the president, four by the Seimas (two are chosen from the candidates put forth by the opposition in the parliament), while the Lithuanian Science Council, the Lithuanian Education Council, the Lithuanian Creative Artists Association and the Lithuanian Bishops’ Conference delegate one member each.

Members LRT Council:

Liudvikas Gadeikis
Giedrė Švedienė
Deputy Chairwoman
Dalia Kutraitė-Giedraitienė

Raimondas Savickas

Vytautas Petras Plečkaitis

Norbertas Černiauskas

Tomas Balžekas

Irena Vaišvilaitė

Eugenijus Valatka

Darijus Beinoravičius

Jonas Staselis