Programming diversity and content synergy

LRT’s strength lies in its variety of programmes and channels that reach a wide audience. It is the only media outlet in the country that broadcasts news 24 hours a day, presented hourly by LRT RADIO journalists.

LRT comprises seven media channels broadcasting nationwide. The content of all the channels is integrated and shared on three platforms:


· LRT TELEVIZIJA broadcasts HD content aimed at a wide audience;

· LRT PLIUS delivers specialised content dedicated to culture and sports;

· LRT LITUANICA targets the Lithuanian diaspora and broadcasts LRT’s Lithuanian content around the clock online. It can be accessed on the web portal, on LRT apps, and is also streamed live on YouTube.


· LRT RADIJAS broadcasts programmes of broad appeal;

· LRT KLASIKA airs cultural programmes and classical music

· LRT OPUS plays contemporary music and content for younger audiences.


· web portal provides news in Lithuanian, English, and Russian languages.

· With around 1.3 million Lithuanians and people of Lithuanian descent living abroad, LRT plays a special role in helping them stay in touch with the country by providing engaging content. In 2020, Lithuanians living abroad were introduced with a new information platform LRT LITUANICA providing Lithuanian news relevant to the Lithuanian diaspora and stories about Lithuanian communities and Lithuanians around the world. LRT LITUANICA television is integrated into the platform and broadcasts Lithuanian programmes and films online around the clock.

· LRT has also attracted a larger audience on social networks.

· All LRT content broadcast or published on television or radio is freely and globally accessible (except content subject to limited distribution rights) and is stored on the web portal’s digital platforms Mediateka and Audioteka.