Programming diversity and content synergy

LRT’s strength lies in its variety of programmes and channels that reach a wide audience. It is the only media outlet in the country that broadcasts news 24 hours a day, presented hourly by LRT RADIO journalists.

LRT is a media group that broadcasts three TV channels, three radio stations, and has a news website.

**TV channels: **

  • LRT TELEVIZIJA broadcasts content that is relevant, important, and interesting for the Lithuanian general public.

  • LRT PLUS helps audiences get a better and deeper understanding of individual areas − from culture and film to sport.

  • LRT LITUANICA is an online TV channel for the Lithuanian diaspora around the world.

**Radio stations: **

  • LRT RADIJAS broadcasts news, current affairs, and meaningful conversations for all of Lithuania.

  • LRT KLASIKA presents intellectual music and culture in an interesting and modern way.

  • LRT OPUS is the city’s cultural and alternative music station.


  • is a rapidly growing news website, constantly expanding the media and radio library of LRT’s content.

  • operates in Lithuanian, English, Polish, Ukrainian, and Russian and includes constantly expanding digital content libraries — Mediateka and Radioteka.

  • LRT EPIKA offers a wide range of specially selected films and series, from recently awarded festival films to the treasure trove of Lithuanian cinema.

  • · LRT has also attracted a large audience on social networks — Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn.