The annual LRT allocations from the state budget are directly dependent on the tax revenues collected by the state. The budget funds allocated to the LRT amount to 1% of the state budget revenue from personal income tax (PIT) and 1.3% of excise duty revenues collected by the state in the year before the last.

Such a financing model for the public broadcaster has been envisaged by the Law on the Lithuanian National Radio and Television since 2015. It ensures LRT’s independence not only from political authorities but also from advertisers.

In 2023, the appropriations of the state budget allocated to LRT amounted to €63.44 million. The per capita cost of LRT was €1.85 per month. Around 59% (€37.40 million) of LRT’s total expenditure was devoted to content, around 32.9% (€20.85 million) to staff, and 7.8% (€4.93 million) to administration and marketing. In 2023, LRT paid €16.62 million in taxes which returned to the budget.

For 2023, the State budget earmarks €63.44 million for LRT.