LRT budget depends directly on taxes collected in the year before the last. The state allocates 1.5 percent of the personal income tax and 1.3 percent of the collected excise duties.

This model of funding guarantees independence from government institutions as well as commercial revenues and economic lobbyism. Stable, purposeful and consistent funding for LRT is important for democracy and pluralism and helps ensure impartiality. In 2018, LRT spent 65.9 percent of its budget on content production and 27.8 percent on staff maintenance.

Public funding allocated to LRT is calculated with consideration of the 2012 factual proceeds of the State and Municipalities’ budget from population income-tax and excise duties. Each subsequent year, the funding allocated to LRT may not be lower than the amount as calculated according to the 2012 proceeds from the population income-tax and excise duties. The existing LRT funding mechanism is in place since 2015.

The LRT's budget for 2019 stood at 41.65 million euros, which is almost 7 percent higher than the year before. The budget for 2020 should go up to 46.3 million euros. Budget project for 2020 envisages to allocate 46.30 million euros for LRT.