Establishing itself as the country’s most modern media outlet

In recent years, LRT has been undergoing a process of restructuring, modernisation and strengthening. Within the reformed LRT organisational structure, the News Service has been set up as an independent unit. LRT Investigative Journalism Team was established 2018.

The online news platform is also undergoing a fundamental reorganisation. As a result, the news coverage has increased and a large scope of LRT’s up-to-date TV and radio content can be easily accessed in the online archive Mediateka. LRT English, was established in May 2019 and is one of the main sources of English-language news in Lithuania.

According to the opinion surveys conducted on behalf of LRT by the opinion research company ‘Baltijos tyrimai’ in November–December 2019, Lithuanians regard LRT as the most modern media group in the country.