Contributing to democracy

As a public broadcaster, LRT is focused on fostering a democratic society.

LRT runs special projects aimed at promoting media literacy and critical thinking. For example, in cooperation with the Baltic Centre for Media Excellence and the international non-profit organisation Internews, LRT’s Election X-ray project saught to educate audiences to recognise fake news and manipulation during the election campaigns in 2019.

Together with the Journalism Development Network, LRT runs another fact-checking project Facts, which dissects misleading or manipulative information.

LRT Investigative Journalism Team contributes to fighting corruption and impunity. As a result of the team’s work, lawmakers have initiated legislative amendments, authorities investigated governmental agencies, and business contracts that presented a potential danger to public interests were disrupted.

LRT regularly implements nation-wide campaigns that encourage people to celebrate public holidays and significant historical dates to foster unity among Lithuanians.